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Fellowships in Innovation


The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary association of independent countries spread over every continent and every ocean, containing some 30% of the world’s population. Both the UK and Singapore are Commonwealth countries. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of the Commonwealth

Since their inception in 1959 nearly 30,000 individuals have benefited from the award of Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships to pursue advanced academic study in other Commonwealth countries. The vast majority of award holders have returned to make a significant contribution to their home countries, in many cases at the highest level, making the scheme one of the largest and most prestigious in the World.


During the state visit of President Tony Tan to the UK in October 2014, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth announced that the Royal Commonwealth Society - Singapore would be re-established to promote the Commonwealth and to help establish a new strand of Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships for Singaporeans.


With the initial assistance from the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the first new Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships will be for Singaporeans to study innovation subjects in the UK.


Royal Commonwealth Society of Singapore and the Singapore Commonwealth Fellowships in Innovation were launched on 14 March 2016. The Singapore Commonwealth Scholarships in Innovation will be launched at a later date. The Singapore Commonwealth Fellowships in Innovation are managed by the Royal Commonwealth Society of Singapore with the support of Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK (CSCUK).

What is a Singapore Commonwealth Fellowship in Innovation?


This Fellowship will support the successful applicant to undertake a fixed term placement in the UK at a university, in a business or in another body. Applicants must find and arrange the placements themselves, with the full agreement and invitation of the organisation that will host them. The placement should not simply be an internship or work shadow opportunity but include an aspect of research or development in an innovation related area.


What does ‘Innovation’ Mean for the Purpose of the Singapore Commonwealth Fellowships in Innovation?


Innovation means new and improved products and processes. It can also means the investments that develop and implement them along with changes in business structures, management and marketing practices.


Why Innovation?


Innovation is a particular strength of the UK, and a really important facet of its partnership with Singapore. Innovation and reinvention have been at the heart of the Singapore story. Both countries believe science is inherently valuable in its own right, but it is through innovation - the practical application of new discoveries and developments - that we are able to address challenges and drive economic growth.


There is much that both countries can learn from each other.




Singapore Commonwealth Fellowships in Innovation

 To apply for a Singapore Commonwealth Fellowship in Innovation candidates should:

• Be citizens of Singapore

• Have a clear research plan into an area of innovation as defined above, of up to three months             duration

• Have a written agreement from a University, Company or other body in the UK that they can               undertake their fellowship with them for the time specified

• be able to complete their Fellowship by mid-2020


Applications are considered on the Following basis:

  • Academic merit and/or the career achievements of the candidate

  • The quality of the proposal

  • The benefits of the proposal to Singapore and to UK-Singapore collaboration


Value of The Awards

The Singapore Commonwealth Fellowships in Innovation are new awards, launched in 2016. It is hoped that the extent of the support provided can be expanded over time. In 2019-2020, the extent of their support is as follows:


Singapore Commonwealth Fellowship in Innovation: A Fellowship award will cover the cost of a return economy flight air ticket to the UK plus living expenses in the UK for up to three months, to a maximum of £7,500.


All Singapore Commonwealth Fellows will become part of the alumni network of Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows in Singapore, and have opportunities to network with the alumni of other prestigious scholarship schemes, such as the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Chevening Scholarship Scheme.



Each candidate must submit their application on the application form available at this website. Applicants must submit a letter of invitation from the proposed Host organisation in the UK along with their application form and will be asked to provide the contact details of two referees who can be approached for references.


Applications forms must be completed and submitted by midnight 15th June 2019.



Conditions of Award


The Singapore Commonwealth Fellowships in Innovation carry no bond, but recipients are required to return to Singapore to contribute to their own country once they have completed their Fellowship in the UK.


The Royal Commonwealth Society of Singapore and the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK (CSCUK) will publish the names of Fellows. By applying for an award, the candidate gives consent for such publication, and also agrees to attend the Fellowship award ceremony. Fellows are expected to arrive in the UK at the date agreed at the time accept their award and are expected to fully complete their Fellowship placement. They may not undertake paid employment in the UK without consent.

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