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The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Trust

Diamond Jubilee Trust:

Avoidable Blindness and Queen’s Young Leaders

Avoidable Blindness

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust is a charitable foundation established in 2012 to mark and celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s sixty-year contribution to the Commonwealth.


It has received support from governments, corporate partners, trusts, foundations, community groups and individuals from across the Commonwealth.

It focuses upon two things, eliminating preventable blindness and nurturing young leaders.

In 2014 the Diamond JubileeTrust created the Commonwealth Eye Health Consortium to bring together expertise from a range of eye health institutions across the Commonwealth. Coordinated by the International Centre for Eye Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, over the next five years the Consortium is pursuing vital research into conditions such as diabetic retinopathy which leave millions without sight, and will build capacity across the Commonwealth to tackle avoidable blindness and provide quality care to those affected or at risk.


In Singapore The National Eye Centre is part of this effort to prevent blindness worldwide by providing

Queen’s Young Leaders

The Queen’s Young Leaders programme gives out awards and grant to exceptional young leaders aged 18-29.


Singaporean Mark Cheng has been selected as a Queen’s Young Leader. Mark started Green Xchange in 2001, which led to co-founding Avelife, to protect the environment and at the same time working to tackle poverty in his community. He also works for Singapore Youth Climate Action, an annual youth mentoring programme educating young people on international climate change issues.

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