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The Royal Commonwealth Society

The Commonwealth and The Royal Commonwealth Society

The Commonwealth of Nations has 52 members, equal and sovereign nations, representing a third of the world’s population – 2.2 billion people, 60% of which are under the age of 30.


The Commonwealth includes some of the world’s largest, smallest, richest and poorest countries, spanning five regions. Many members are small states, many of them island nations.


The Commonwealth contains several of the world’s most dynamic economies. In September 2010, a Royal Commonwealth Society study suggested that shared history, values, language, and similar legal systems equate to a ‘Commonwealth Effect’ that is worth a twenty percent reduction in the cost of doing business between Commonwealth neighbours. In 2013 intra-Commonwealth trade in goods was valued at around £260 billion.


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of the Commonwealth. Singapore is an important member of the Commonwealth.


The Commonwealth Secretariat provides guidance on policy making, technical assistance and advisory services to Commonwealth member countries. Priority areas of work are agreed at Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (CHOGM), which occur every two years. Commonwealth countries are supported by an active network of more than 80 intergovernmental, civil society, cultural and professional organisations.


The Royal Commonwealth Society and The Royal Commonwealth Society - Singapore

The Royal Commonwealth Society was founded in 1868 and its purpose is to be a non-partisan body committed to promoting the Commonwealth and improving the lives and prospects of Commonwealth Citizens. There are over 70 independent but affiliate Royal Commonwealth Societies around the world.


In October 2014 President Tony Tan conducted the first State Visit to the UK by a Singaporean President. At the State Banquet in honour of President Tan at Buckingham Palace Her Majesty The Queen announced that the Royal Commonwealth Society - Singapore would be reformed, with an additional purpose beyond the promotion of the Commonwealth to foster and manage new Singapore Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships in Innovation for Singaporeans to study in the UK.

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